Kurt Starfell

A simple cargo pilot. (Kain)


Type: Cargo Pilot
Species: Human/??
Credits: 475

  • Force Sensitive: Yes (Untrained)
    • Force Points: 2
    • Darkside Points: 0
  • Equipment
    • Tracker Utility Vest: Provides +1 to resist physical damage. The vest can carry up to 28 objects of 1 kilogram or less, each in one of a series of pockets, pouches and straps.
  • Items
    • Personal Comlink: Range: 50 kilometers
    • Pocket Secretary: Consists of a comlink-sized audio receptor device and an audio encoding datapad. Unit is activated with a predetermined codephrase, and proceeds to translate the spoken information into computer data.
    • Loader’s Gloves: Damage: STR+2, Gloves take five minutes to put on or take off, and you need a second non-gloved person to help you into the second glove. It’s impossible to wield a blaster or perform any fine manipulation while wearing the protection gloves.
  • DEXTERITY (1D+1/4D): 4D
    • Blaster: 5D
      • Corellian Arms CR-2
      • Ammo: 50
      • Power Packs: 25
      • Fire Rate: 1
      • Range: 3-12/35/145
      • Damage: 4D
  • KNOWLEDGE (1D/3D): 3D
    • Business: 4D
    • Planetary Systems: 4D
    • Willpower: 3D+1
  • MECHANICAL (1D+1/4D): 4D
    • Astrogation: 5D
    • Space Transports: 5D
    • Starship Shields: 5D
  • PERCEPTION (1D+2/4D+1): 4D
    • Persuasion: 5D
  • STRENGTH (2D/4D+2): 2D
    • Stamina: 2D+1
  • TECHNICAL (1D/3D+2): 1D
  • Attribute Dice: 18D
  • Character Points: 0
  • Move (10/12): 10

Special Abilities
Psychometry: ?? who are Force Sensitive and able to use the Sense Force skill automatically receive the Postcognition Force power for free. They do not need to learn the prerequisite powers first.

Story Factors


“So, you wanna know my story, huh? Okay. Don’t bother sitting down. It’s a short one.

My parents (or kidnappers, or whoever) abandoned me on a planet in the Outer Rim. I don’t really remember which planet I got left on. It was a long time ago, and I’ve been bounced around a lot. I’ve been a hired hand often, sold as a slave a few times (escaped just as many), and unemployed more than I care to admit. Typical orphan rimkin.

One day I got hired to work on a ship – a cargo ship. Mostly I was just keeping ‘er clean and keepin’ an eye on the load, but then the pilot did something pretty unexpected – he let me sit in the chair and take control for a bit. It didn’t last long, but I was hooked. From then on I’ve wanted to recapture that feeling of freedom, and over time I grew to become a pretty reliable freighter bum.

A few years ago I got hired by this cheapskate kung, Canore, to put together a cargo ship, a skeleton crew, and to start doing regular runs around the Outer Rim. The ship is druk, but she gets us where we need to be (most of the time). The crew rotates a lot ‘cause Canore’s always looking to save a few credits hiring the cheapest hands he can get, but he’s gotten pretty attached to me and I work for next to nothing anyway. As long as I can keep flyin’ and there’s food on my plate, I got no reason to leave. Besides, the ship may be a piece of work, but I still wouldn’t complain if I could buy ‘er, become an ISO and a tramper. That’s the dream I guess.

So, now you know me as well as anyone I guess." – Kurt Starfell, an autobiography

Kurt Starfell

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