Utto Waa


Type: Scavenger/Engineer
Species: Jawa

Credits: 100
Character Points: 5

Force Abilities
  • Force Sensitive: Yes (untrained)
    • Force Points: 2
    • Darkside Points: 0

  • Dexterity 2d+1
    • Blaster(Ionization): 3d+1
    • Dodge: 3d+1
  • Knowledge 3d
    • Language(Basic>: 4d
    • Survival(Desert): 4d
    • Value: 4d
  • Mechanical 3d
  • Perception 4d
    • Bargain: 5d
  • Strength 1d
  • Technical 4d+2
    • Blaster Repair: 6d
    • Droid Repair: 6d
    • Ground Vehicle Repair: 6d

Move: 7

Special Abilities
Scavenger: When repairing or improving vehicles, vessels, or weapons the Jawa pays -3% for each die placed in the relevant repair skill. For example, when improving the shields on a derelict Y-Wing by +1 the cost is normally 15% of the Y-Wing’s cost. A Jawa with 2D in starfighter repair would pay only 9% of the Y-Wing’s cost (15% – 6%).

Ionization Blaster (300) (3D damage, +1D to Blaster skill, only hurts droids)
Impact Grenades (300) (6 grenades)
Blaster Repair Kit (500)
Starship Tool Kit (200)
Water Purifier (100)
100 credits


Utto Waa

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