Type: Pirate
Species: Twi’lek

  • Force Sensitive: Yes (Untrained)
    • Force Points: 2
    • Darkside Points: 1
  • DEXTERITY (1D/3D): 3D
    • Dodge: 1D
    • Melee Combat: 2D
  • KNOWLEDGE (1D/4D): 3D
    • Intimidation: 1D
    • Languages: 1D
  • MECHANICAL (1D/2D+1): 2D
    • Space Transports: 1D
  • PERCEPTION (2D/4D+2): 3D
  • STRENGTH (1D/3D): 3D
  • TECHNICAL (1D/3D): 3D
    • Demolition: 1D
  • Attribute Dice: 17D
  • Move (10/12): 10

Weapon Duelist Vibrorapier
Damage: STR+3D (maximum: 7D)

Castaan Staad Armor
+1D to physical and +1D to energy, covers torso.

Special Abilities
Head-tails: Twi’leks can use their head-tails to communicate in secret with each other, even if in a room full of others. The complex movement of the tails is, in a sense, a “secret” language that all Twi’leks are fluent in.

Story Factors


“Listen, All you really need to know about me is that I grew up in some small village on some dirtball you have never heard of. Things happened. I became a pirate, how and why isn’t important.

I thought that the Yarnak Gang was pretty stand-up. I had not been with them very long, clearly they were no Hondo Ohnaka. I didn’t think they were a bunch of moof-milkers… Who leaves an important crew member in a box on a ship they were stealing? I was waiting for my signal. According to this peedunky they took one look at this suicide sled and left. THEY LEFT ME. IN A BOX.

I would have been fine. I would have made it to the cargo drop-off. I could have gone about and joined another crew. It is just my luck that this sleemo has a ship infested with greepers. They found me in the box… because I am allergic to greepers.

Now I work for this peedunky." – Vorskava to a droid who simply asked what planet the cargo ship came from.


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